QC and laboratory

QC and laboratory

Our main laboratory is located in the office building of the Manufacturing unit in Jodhpur. Relemac india constructed this facility

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Onsite Assistance

Onsite Assistance

This has reference to your letter dated February 1, 2013 regarding the subject mentioned above and the technichal document

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Our Advantage

Our Advantage

When compared to Bentonite system, the Relemac indiacan operate practically without any special equipment dedicated

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Our Mission

Our Mission

Based in Delhi, Relemac India is a reputable name engaged as a manufacturer, exporter, and domestic supplier

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Onsite Assistance

RELEMAC INDIA provides its clients with a methodology with proven international success composed by several client assistance oriented programs.

With a wide experience developing new technologies in the field of soil stabilization RELEMAC INDIA provides its clients with a methodology with proven international success composed by several client assistance oriented programs. The CORE methodology, Client Oriented Rapid Results, was conceived to ensure the best possible application of the different technologies and products implemented by RELEMAC INDIA with a proven success rate.

Project start-up

The client assistance programs were developed to meet the client's needs, always taking into consideration each project's specific characteristics in order to find the most adequate solutions and maximize performances, always ensuring the top quality technical backup our customers are used to.

On site assistance

With a wide international experience, our technical team will ensure that our client's goal and results are achieved, solving problems and working in partnership with our client's site crew.

CAP - Client Assistance Program

When requested this service has several stages:

  • Previous study of project based on data supplied by the client.
  • Careful planning in close partnership with the client¿s technical team for the
  • Setup of the slurry plant and other equipment, prior to project startup
  • Optimized application of the different products
  • On site technical backup.
  • Continuous gathering and crossing of all the data concerning the project maximizes product usage and consumption. When requested, a project final report will be provided
  • Slurry treatment for disposal at the end of the project. (Upon request when previously accorded)

The Program of Assistance to the customer aims at the integral follow up of project since the start to its conclusion. This service is provided by contract of a predetermined number of days or weeks of assistance by the customer and distributed or not, throughout project duration and always adjusted to the customer's needs.

Relemac india's products are environmentally friendly.

All products are submitted to thorough quality control and environmental testing to ensure that our products are harmless to the environment. Our Technical team is always available to ensure maximum performance and easy disposal.

We recommend our clients to conduct environmental testing on certified labs as a warranty of trust on our products. >

Drilling fluid testing to support client oil and gas E&P operations.

Relemac India staff bring expertise to drilling fluid projects, and can modify or tailor existing tests to address specific drilling problems. Drilling fluid analysis, problem solving, rig-site assistance, training, and audits are available. Relemac India also provides Drilling Fluids school training programs.

Drilling fluids testing includes API and ASTM procedures:

  • Rheology
  • Fluid-Loss Characteristics
  • Filtrate Ion Analysis
  • Solids Analysis
  • API Specification Tests
  • Drill Mud Contamination 

Specialized drilling fluids testing :

  • High-Pressure, High-Temperature Viscometry
  • Dynamic Fluid-Loss Analysis
  • Lubricity Coefficient of Friction Measurements for Metal/Metal, Metal/Sandstone, Metal/Shale, Metal/Filter Cake Contact Surfaces
  • Shale-Fluid Interaction Analysis
  • Gas Hydrates/Mud Phase Behaviors
  • High-Pressure, High-Temperature Viscometry

Drilling Fluid rig site assistance, consulting and auditing:
Relemac India staff have years of field and laboratory experience, and are available to provide rig site assistance for problem wells. Relemac India experts develop and deliver training in drilling fluid technology, ranging from basic overviews to advanced programs. The independent status of the Relemac India Westport laboratory provides clients with accurate, objective and unbiased evaluations and reviews of drilling fluid issues, drilling fluid projects and drilling programs.

Focused drill fluid research, consulting and training:
The Relemac India drilling fluids group undertakes applied research, technical training programs and consulting assignments. Relemac India maintains a leadership role in drilling fluid technology by active participation in Joint Industry Research Programs, industry consortia and government-sponsored research.

Our Projects

The unique nature of near surface site specific geology coupled with the diversity of the markets we serve are hallmark challenges faced within Relemac India.

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